Part Two: Level Design

Wheeaaa! Back here. I’m back on the track. Let’s go and talk about level design!

My small take is on the obstacle evolution. It goes as follows; You begin with a simple obstacle and then evolve it through levels to a more complex one. Adding more challenge to the game along the way. Also it is key to keep in mind a smooth gameplay flow between the obstacles. It is also a good idea moving the challenge bar higher and lower between levels.

Alright, back to simple blocks. Let’s say you have a single stair set formed of blocks. How to evolve it? Maybe add some spikes to it? Put something between the stairs? There are multiple ways. Here is some illustrations;



Basic stair set with time to jump. Not evolved yet.




See how the stairs are set up to create more speed and making it possible to speed jump the stairs up.



This one is a hybrid between the two previous ones. You can see that the dash comes from the second set with the upgrade, that the player has to dash through a smaller point than before. The second point is from the first set, by making the stairs more narrow with less time to jump the stairs up after the dash. Forcing the player to be swift!  


There is a lot more of course, but I hope this helped to illustrate the evolvability of objects within a simple stair set. Pretty much every game uses  evolvability in their challenges. The more there is evolution, the more interesting the game becomes.

To see more evolution in Space Pipe sign up for the beta!

I feel like expanding this a bit more later on. I wanted to keep this one simple, because I don’t want to flood you guys with my rambling too much.

What do you think about evolvability. Do you find it important? What genres should use more of it, if platforms are not included? Let me know in the comments below!





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