Space Pipe Beta

Hey guys!

I realised I didn’t write a blog post upon releasing Space Pipe beta (stupid me).

Well anyways! It’s here and I have made some changes along the way. I like to thank all the players who has participated in the beta. It has helped a ton! It was nice to see that people actually did pass all the levels in Space Pipe. That was something that I was curious about. Is the game too hard or not? There’s a divide between players dropping at level 6. After that around half of the players actually can finish the game. So far so good!

That means I will keep the challenge at the current level of progression.

So what’s new?

I have updated the character to be a cheerful fellow and fixed some major bugs that made the game crash at certain levels.

Here’s the list of changes on Build 7.

  • Added achievements.
  • Added sound controls.
  • Fixed credits.
  • Fixed bugs that made the game crash.
  • Fixed character animations.


If you haven’t signed up yet please do so! And try the game out  🙂


– Lingoded




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