Space Pipe Press Release (iOS & Android)


Game Descripton;

A funky retro game, that is not about the graphics nor the easiest levels.

It’s all about the skill, as was back in the arcade days.

Space Pipe carries the vibe of a past time in the world. Where the top guys in town owned the arcade halls. Sure, you could beat some levels, but were you the top one in the rankings?

Can you raise to the challenge and be the fastest among the world,
becoming the King of Space Pipe?

The game mechanics makes it sure. You can always be faster.

Jump, dash, turn and re-try to get the fastest time.




PRESS Resources

Game Name: Space Pipe

Release day: 5th of October (iOS & Android)

Gategory: Arcade Classics

Apple App Store:

Google Play Store:

Trailer Link:




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